Why is my PayPal payment delayed?

How come the system is still showing my items? I have already made payment through PayPal.

Since the PayPal transaction has not cleared, the system recognizes the items as unpaid. Please request extensions as needed until the transaction clearing date has come. Please be aware that PayPal payments may take up to 10 days to clear.

What is the “clearing date” on my PayPal transaction page?

The clearing date is the projected date that the funds transfer will be complete and available to a merchant.

I made payment for an item last week, why are my items showing re-listed?

Payments made via PayPal are not transmitted immediately. Always provide the Transaction ID # after making a purchase. You may then request and be granted an extension to allow payment to transmit.

How come when I pay with PayPal on eBay the transaction is instant?

PayPal is proprietary of eBay. All information is pre-approved and prescreened by eBay/PayPal. When transmitting funds to opalauctions.com sellers , you are subject to our companies verifications before we can accept the payment. 

What is this Transaction ID # PayPal gives me after I make a payment?

The Transaction ID # is proof of payment provided by PayPal. It is also used as a reference number by Opal Auctions sellers to track the status of a submitted payment. You may log on to the PayPal website and obtain this tracking number to aid Opalauctions sellers in locating any payments

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