Placing Your First Bid

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Once you find an item you are interested in bidding on, click on the title link to get onto the listing page. Look for the box that says “place bid”. Enter your maximum amount you are willing to pay straight away. The way the auction system works, is that the system will enter the minimum possible bid automatically on your behalf.

Placing Your First Bid

There are several different scenarios that can occur when you place a bid.

  • Scenario A: You are the first person to bid on the item The system will accept your bid at the lowest possible amount (the Minimum Bid), and your secret Maximum Bid will be remembered in case someone tries to outbid you.
  • Scenario B: Your Maximum Bid is greater than the secret Maximum Bid of all other bidders We will enter the previous highest Maximum Bid as a new bid automatically, and your bid will be entered at the next lowest possible bid. You will be the new highest bidder.
  • Scenario C: Your bid is less than or equal tothe Maximum Bid of the current highest bidder We will accept your bid and automatically place a new bid on behalf of the other bidder, however you will need to increase your Maximum Bid to win the item. If two identical bids are placed on an item, the first bidder will be the winner unless their bid is exceeded.
  • Scenario D: Your bid is below the Reserve Price If you bid below the secret Reserve Price for an item, you need to increase your bid until you meet the Reserve Price.
  • Scenario E: Your bid is above the Reserve Price If you bid above the secret Reserve Price for an item we will reduce your bid to match the Reserve Price.

If the auction has less than 5 minutes remaining, the auction end time is increased by 60 seconds to give other bidders an opportunity to bid.

For example, consider an auction where the Minimum Bid is $90.00, the bid increment is $1.00, and the secret Maximum Bid of another bidder is $110.00 - and you enter a bid of $100.00. Your bid will be accepted at $100.00, but the system will place a bid immediately for $101.00 on behalf of the previous bidder. This will continue until you exceed the secret Maximum Bid of the other bidder, which is $110.00.


Memebrs with 0 feedback and 0 paid sales will be limited to a maximum bid of $100. If you try to place a bid above this amount, you will recieve the follow message.
Placing your first bid

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